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dauditing2A period that was ruled by competition, conflict and tension between two blocks of nations namely the Soviet Union and its allies and the United States and its allies was the period of cold war. The cold war period stretched from the middle of the 1940s and continued till early part of 1990s. In this period of intense rivalry among these nation both being superpowers the battle for supremacy was fought in different arenas- the race for nuclear arms, advancements in technology ,   coalitions among the military, huge expenditure on defense building , espionage , ideology , advancements in industrial and military upfront, psychology , a race in space and wars fought by proxies. Continue reading....

Sequential Events

The western leaders accepted the fact that the communist are pulling their socks up to become the supreme power with the 1947 institution of Cominform.

award winning books for 7th graders Additional Info From many years communist troops are trying to capture Greece. The Communal & Republican troops have together attacked the German occupational troops in the conflict. The communists joined the alliance group of Greek government after the revolt but it opposed when the government tried to make communist's operations ineffective, although they were thrashed with the support of British troops directed by General Scobie. In 1946 the monarchists formed the government and took more powerful steps against the communists. Till 1947 the Greek monarchist Government succeeded in combating the communist power, that too with the help of Britain's support. In February 1947, when the British openly accepted their incapability to support the Greek monarchist troop with financial aid in its regional fight against the Communist party, the Greek felt the dreadful communist danger. Continue reading...